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Recently, I've noticed that no matter where I go, I always run into a Supervisor who has a complaint about how they are being treated by their boss. Examples the yelling on the work room floor, threats, and smart remarks etc…But if the truth be known I would be willing to guess that these same supervisors who are complaining are probably treating their employees the same way. I would also venture to say that all these bosses are good, friendly and nice people off the clock, on the golf course, at home, at school at church and anywhere else but at the Post Office. It seems that the Post Office brings out the not so pleasant in Supervisors.  These attitudes seems to be more prevalent when the Postal Service experiences budget crunches and right now the Postal Service is experiencing a lot of turbulence with the retiring of the Postmaster General, Postal Reform, a 3 billion dollar loss is expected, and along with this a host of rumors.  With all this happening it does not relieve us of our obligation and responsibility to treat each other with dignity and respect. The ELM 666.2 states: Employees are expected to maintain satisfactory personal habits so as not to be obnoxious or offensive to other persons or to create unpleasant working conditions. It's good to know that upper management is enforcing this policy and so should we. WHY? Because it's our responsibility.

                                                             Reuben Gay
                                                                                   President NAPS Branch 8

April SPAC Winners

The April winners were Bill Hart and Mari Lou Sechman.  Mari Lou capitalized on Bill's long streak of winning by splitting the ticket price with him and shared in the jackpot.  No new attendees were at the meeting to accept the door prizes. 

New Members

Each month in our newsletter we will announce new members to Branch 8.  Participation and unity is what makes us strong as an association, and while each member is important, this means of recognizing is a good way to welcome them.  This month please welcome Paul English and Barbara Wooten.  Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you at the next meeting!

What would you like to see?

We understand that our members have personal as well as professional commitments that keep them from attending the monthly meetings, and this newsletter is a way to keep you the

member more informed.  Every month I sit at my computer to make this newsletter for the membership and wonder what it is you would like to see.    If the information that you are receiving is good enough, that's great, but if you want to see something else, let us know.  Constructive comments are always appreciated and there are a couple of means to get your thoughts to us.  The  officers numbers on the first page, our website (, attend a meeting or just walk up to an officer.  Help us help you.

Clint Helmold