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    Branch 8 Officers _
Reuben Gay
     Home 542-9655
     Pager 309-8468
Vice President
     Terry Gingles
     Bob Helfrich
     Judith Wilson
     Clint Helmold
     Jennifer Crutchfield
     Jeanette Powell
     Margaret Young
Immediate Past President
     Bill Hart
NAPS Branch 8 Office

Welcome Guest Speakers at the May Meeting

Our regularly scheduled meeting on May 22nd will have some opportunities for NAPS members.  Jaime Johnson from Personnel will have the last 15 minutes of the meeting to speak with the membership about their retirement and benefit options.  Terry Freeman the Indiana State NAPS President will also be in attendance at the May meeting to speak with the membership and will available for any questions or concerns.  All members are encouraged to attend this meeting to take advantage of this opportunity.

Indiana State Convention

This year's Indiana State convention will be held in Muncie on June 22nd and 23rd.  Resolutions will be introduced for consideration, and topics of importance will be discussed.  This year however, the State is pleased to announce that the National NAPS President Vince Palladino will be in attendance.  Mr. Palladino will be available for all members who wish to present their concerns or thoughts.  While Mr. Palladino is always accessible through mail or telephone, this is a great opportunity to meet the man who works for us to make our working environment issues important to others.  As always, all members are encouraged to attend to support the State and Branch 8, but also to take advantage of this special opportunity.

Discipline Defense Fund Wallet Card

While NAPS hopes that our members do not have to utilize this handy DDF card, we also realize that in times like these it may be necessary.  Please clip this card for future reference in the

Upcoming Meetings

May 22
June 26
Summer Break

The regular scheduled meetings of Branch 8 are held at the Comfort Inn, at the corner of Capitol Ave. and Merrill St, at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

event of adverse action or if approached by a Postal Inspector.  Remember a good defense is your best offense.  Please contact any local officer for further assistance.

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